The Great Spiral

Session 1

Chapter 1: Into the Void

(Most session info from memory and my notes; subject to error. Please refresh my memory if I got something wrong.)

The session started with all player characters briefed with a simple backstory for their characters in private. All player characters started at a Newfoundworld starport, intending on boarding a ship bound for Ghant, the Free Terran capital world.

The player characters are:
Serge Lanier, a Terran smuggler.
Leonhard “Leo” Daniels, a Terran belter.
Daredura “Daredevil” Melzi, a Terran mercenary.
Brozal Gro-Marag, an Orc slave.

The only ship with that destination, the Dancer, was about to leave. Brozal was a worker already aboard the Dancer. When they approached the ship, Captain Gordon greeted them and offered his services. Daredura was displeased by Gordon’s fee to board his ship, so Gordon offered to hire her instead. Close inspection of the ship revealed it was at least 50 years old, and built by InnoCorp Aerospace. The original design wouldn’t show it at all, but modifications over the years have turned it into a ship reminiscent of 18-wheelers from pre-Exodus times.

The party boarded the ship, and was taken to the living quarters, featuring a diner. The smokey room had a couple pool tables, and bright flashy screens hung from the walls showing different video programs. All the patrons and workers appeared to be Free Terrans, and dressed accordingly(stereotypically like truckers/southerners/etc). There was even an odd-looking prostitute standing in the back corner.

The party was given food cards, and allowed to roam the living quarters. Captain Gordon announced they were lifting off, and soon the feeling of artificial gravity could be felt. Serge went to the bar and ordered a drink, and subsequently hired the odd-looking girl with green glowing eyes, named Sandy, in the corner, who seemed interested in him. Leo ordered a beer and sat at a table. Daredura ordered some food and talked to the waitress. Later, the lights began to dim and the player characters went to sleep in their rooms. Serge discovered that Sandy was in fact an android.

4 or 5 hours later, everyone was awoken by a blast somewhere in the ship, and went outside to investigate. The living quarters had become an utter mess. Everything that wasn’t bolted down was thrown about the room. Ship crew were running about attempting to figure out what was going on. Several members of the crew were dead and lying about the room. The blast doors leading out of the living quarters were sealed shut. Serge determined from the sound that the auxiliary fuel tank must have exploded. Captain Gordon told everyone via the intercom that the ship had been boarded, before getting cut off. Several minutes later, two orcs rushed up the stairs from the cargo bay, and destroyed the blast door with some charges. They rushed in and cut down the rest of the passengers and crew, but the player characters fought back. Serge took out the first with a nice shot from his laser pistol. Brozal engaged the other in melee combat, and buried a steak knife into his foe, killing him. Leo, feeling defenseless, took up drinking behind the refrigerator. Daredura took the laser pistol from one of the fallen orcs, and Brozal took the other’s falchion. Together, along with Sandy, they advanced into the now-accessible cargo bay to investigate.

A fleeing crew member ran into them as they descended the stairs, and told them Gordon was shot, much to Sandy’s dismay, and that the ship was on a collision course with a desert planet. He was shot immediately after by an orc behind him, who was quickly dispatched. Daredura picked up a second light laser pistol.

Inside the cargo bay was a large raging fire in the corner, and 4 orcs rummaging through the ship’s cargo. There was a large hole in the wall that hadn’t been there before(with Orc raiding ship docked), and the fire control sprinklers were fighting a losing battle. A weapons cache was broken into and a light laser pistol was laying on the ground, which Leo picked up. Behind cover, the party devised a plan to take out the orcs so they could get to the bridge. Satisfied with the plan, Leo helped Serge climb to the top of the large shipping crate they were using as cover, and waited for Daredura to run out and get their attention. Daredura ran, guns blazing, and killed an orc right in the beginning. Serge began taking shots while Leo shot from behind cover. Brozal guarded Sandy and Leo, and the fight was over quickly. The party collected a few of the weapons and headed for the bridge.

The door was sealed. Leo attempted to disable the lock, but failed. Before anyone could say “botched surprise attack,” Sandy opened the door via computer override. Inside the bridge, Gordon was being held hostage by an Orc Brute, along with two of his lackeys. Gordon looked to be dying from a laser wound in the torso. The Brute was surprised at first, but held his gun to Gordon’s head steady. Out the windshield, a desert planet could be seen dead ahead, and approaching fast. The Brute told the party to turn back, or he would kill Gordon, but Serge had had enough of his crap and shot first, killing the brute with a headshot. One of the lesser Orcs turned and shot Gordon anyway. Brozal, enraged by Gordon’s death, rushed in with his new falchion and proceeded to lop off the head of one who shot Gordon, while Serge finished off the other one.

Serge took to the pilot’s chair as flames started to appear on the windshield, and narrowly avoided a crash-landing. During the re-entry, the Orc raiding ship was ripped off and instantly exploded, making the hole wider, and soon all the cargo blew out into space. Serge managed to put the Dancer in orbit, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Their adventure had only just begun. Next they will need to figure out how to get out of the planet’s gravity well, and get their new ship repaired. They were stuck on the bridge until they could find a way to traverse the now airless cargo bay. Brozal tended to the “burial” of Gordon. Daredura browsed the bridge storage for something that could help. Serge fell asleep in his chair with Sandy snoozing atop, and Leo took to a corner with a bottle of whiskey.


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